Free Blog Review Competion!

If you’re working hard on building your Blog to build an income, then you probably feel you need all the help you can get! If you’re starting out, it can be an enormous struggle to get yourself to a position where you’re receiving enough website hits and subscriptions to make you think it’s worth carrying on. But don’t give up!

I’m offering a free Blog Review to the blogger I feel I can help out the most.

Submit your blog using the comment box below, plus give me your reason why you need help, how long you’ve ran your blog and what you want to get out of blogging.



One Response

  1. ok, i’ll bite.

    i’ve been running this particular blog regularly for a few months now. since i consider myself somewhat of a writer, i primarily use my blog as an outlet, a form of expression. other reasons include: accountability to become debt-free, networking with like-minded personal finance folks, and to possibly make a bit of income on the side.

    i wouldn’t mind some help in ways i can improve earning money from my site.


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